17 Amazing things to do in tangier

Morocco is one of the best destinations to visit. First, it’s a safe country, and also there are many things you can see and you can do, and one of the best cities to see in morocco is tangier the gateway to Africa, so in this article, I will share with my Top  17 Amazing Things to do in tangier.

things to do in tangier

1.Explore the medina of tangier

You must know that the word “Medina” means (old city), So if you look to see traditional life, drink some tea in old coffé or even explore the beauty of welcoming people.
Medina is one of the top attraction of Tangier That Give you a chance to do shopping and also stay in some wonderful Riads , please note that if you don’t know where to go ;it possible to be lost so please   ask anyone for the direction of “Zoco Chico” or “Bab el-Fahs ” these places are very famous and easy to find .

Tourist Attractions in Tangier

2. Visit the kasbah  of Tangier

Old Kasbahs are the top tourist attractions in tangier morocco, it attracts a lot of tourists that come here to get lost exploring the beauty of this wonderful place.
As you already know, Walking in old towns is always a very enjoyable experience, you can walk and explore the beauty of the old kasbah in the medina of Tangier It’s clean. Exploring the famous 17th-century Architecture is always an amazing thing to do in tangier.

things to do in tangier

3. Admire the Grand Mosque

This monument is visible from any point of the city, if you are on the beach, in the medina or everywhere you can see this wonderful mosque, The Great Mosque was built as a mosque in 1684, and rebuilt as the Cathedral during the Portuguese era.

visit cap spartel tangier

4. Visit Cap Spartel

If you want to see the Exact place where the Mediterranean Sea is merged with the Atlantic Ocean Then you must visit  Cap Spartel, This amazing place is promontory in about (300 m) above sea level and location in  12 km West of Tangier.
When you visit Cap Spartel you will enjoy a viewpoint that lets you see all the way to the Spanish coast, you can also take a relaxing walk on the beach and also take some memorable picture of this Wonderful Moroccan place.

american legation museum tangier morocco

5.The American Legation Museum

Did you know that Morocco was the first country to recognize the new United States, and this Legation is the oldest place of land owned by the US outside their territory? It is currently set up as a small museum with various artifacts and photos and other items related to the US/Morocco relationship.

The museum has a very interesting collection to see like paintings and drawings lining the walls, from the traditional “orientalist” styles of the 19th and early 20th.

visit tangier morocco

6.Church of St. Andrew

This is a wonderful place it’s An Anglican church and has an Interesting architecture and design, so if you like to discover some historical mixture of Cultures, this place can be the perfect attraction to visit for you.
The good news is that the church is always open to the public and also free to enter. So if you come to tangier don’t miss visiting this Amazing place.

explore the handicrafts of morocco

7.Explore essentials oils  and handicrafts of morocco

If you like souks and shops selling traditional textiles and handicrafts then you must practice this hobbit in tangier, The most important thing on souks of tangier is that sellers are not pushy or aggressive Like other cities.
Also if you are a woman and you like some natural oils like argan, you can find some workshops, oils demonstration or even massaging center with reasonable prices.

Tomb Of Ibn Battouta

8.Visit Tomb Of Ibn Battouta

 Ibn Battuta is the greatest Moroccan traveler, he was born in Tangier in 1304,  Ibn Battuta traveled across many places on the world like North Africa through the Middle East, Central Asia, and China, then onto Russia returning via Sri Lanka and East Africa. After stopping at home, he then journeyed across the Sahara to West Africa, finally settling to write it all down in 1355.
The tomb of ibn battuta is quite difficult to find, you will walk through the old Medina Souk, I recommend you to take a guide with you but never mind, you can also use your GPS. this good news is Access is free.  you will find a small room that you must take off your shoes before entering. then  You will only see the coffin covered with a green cover with verses from the Coran.

caves of hercules cost

9. Visit the Cave of Hercules

The Caves of Hercules is one of the best places to see if you visit Tangier from Spain or another country, it has a strange sea window, shaped like the map of Africa continent.

The Caves of Hercules is located next to Cape Spartel, in under nine miles (14 kilometers) west of Tangier. The cave is open to the public and can be reached easily.
If you asking about caves of Hercules cost, it’s really cheap, just 5Dirhams (0.5$), and I really recommend you to take a guide with, which helps you to know about this place.

royal tulip city center tangier

10. Enjoy the nightlife at the city center

Tangier offers you some wonderful places where to see like Medina Of Tangier or  Hercules Cave all these places you can visit them on day.what about spending time at night? there any special thing to do and to see in Tangier at night ? of course !tangier can offer you the best neighborhood enjoyment.
There are so many attractions to visit, you can take a tour of the Hilton Tanger city center hotel & residences tangier morocco or around royal tulip city center tangier. if you like bars and drink you can find plenty of bars here, and even if morocco is a Muslim country, you can also Find a Casino if you like playing games.


cafe hafa tangier

11. Drink some Tea in Café Hafa

The interesting thing about this café is that it has almost 100 years of existence, the cafe Hafa tangier is one of the most famous places see in Tangier. with a wonderful view of the ocean.
If you already visited  Caffè Florian in Venice or even Café de Flore in Paris, well, Tangier has also its own mythical café: the Café Hafa, a peaceful and magical place built-in 1921. it offers a stunning view of the ocean. you can enjoy taking a wonderful Moroccan mint tea, it’s really a magical place to see in Tangier.

port of tangier morocco

12. Observe the port of tangier morocco

Tangier a Very nice port with boats of all shapes and sizes coming and going with  Large shipping big containers in all colors next to the water.
 even visitors can’t go down into the port itself but there are plenty of places along the road where you can look down especially if you are with kids.

camel on the beach tangier

13.go on a quick camel safari on the beach

Have you ever Take a Camel Ride? if yes that’s cool, but have to take a camel ride on the beach ? with a beautiful view of the water, believe me, it’s a wonderful feeling.
if you come to tangier you must Take a camel tour on the beach, you will have the perfect experience riding a camel. and see the ocean view.

tanger daytona beach

14. Relax on tangier beaches

have you ever swim on the Mediterranian beach and after two hours you swim in the Atlantic ocean? Tangier can offer you that feeling and can also give you relaxing holidays with sun, sea and water sports.
The high-quality Atlantic beaches are the perfect place for you to practice some nautical sports like surfing and kitesurfing. 
Whatever you go to any tangier beach you will find nice  Restaurants And Small Shops to enjoying local Moroccan cuisine and also to buy souvenirs.

sunset inn tangier island va

15. Admire the sunset

In tangier, there is plenty of great places to watch the amazing sunset on the beach, you can take a lot of good photos or just enjoy and feel the beauty of tangier Sunset.

delicious cuisine tangier

16.Dine on delicious Moroccan food

Moroccan cuisine is absolutely delicious and is internationally renowned, Moroccan cuisine is Influenced by Arabic, Berber, Andalusian, and French traditions, Why not Eat a delicious Tajine or Couscous.
Moroccan food is not expensive, so why not eat a new Moroccan dishes each new day.

tanjazz festival morocco

17.Tanjazz festival

If you like Jazz music you can Go and enjoy the tanjazz festival, but if you don’t like jazz music no worries, there is also some good music at this festival, this ceremony is a yearly event date is from 15 to 22 September 


All these must do in tangier are crucial, if you had a chance to visit tangier you must at least enjoy 5 or 6 of these travel attractions.

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