20 top cities to visit in Morocco in 2020

Morocco has so many beautiful places to see, it’s one of the best and safest traveller attractions in the world. you can get a variety of unforgettable experiences in this wonderful country! if wondering to come to Morocco and you want to learn about the top cities to visit in Morocco in 2020, you are in the right place because, in this article, I will share with you My 20  best cities to visit in Morocco.

el jadida riad

20. El Jadida

This city is located in the Moroccan Atlantic Coast, between the largest city of Casablanca and the famous coastal town of Essaouira, El Jadida has plenty of things to see and do. Unlike more popular beach cities, like Casablanca and Tangier, this city is really cheap.
if you look for hotels in el Jadida Morocco or even some luxury el Jadida riad, you will find it cheaper than other big cities, but why? well, it’s simply because the traffic of tourists to this city is not huge like other towns.

asilah morocco hotels

19. Asilah

This city is located in the south of Tangier in northern Morocco, it’s one of the popular summer getaways for locals and visitors alike. it has many charms, safe swimming beaches, and excellent restaurants inspired by  Spanish heritage. Many Tourists come to Asilah to discover its historic centre or medina it’s a wonderful opportunity for shopping and socializing with locals.
Asilah is one of the safest city to visit in morocco,  keep in mind that Asilah hotels are very cheap in  all season except in the summer, the city will be full of people coming from different town to enjoy the wonderful beaches in Asilah , so don’t be choked if you find Asilah Morocco hotels quite expensive in the summer .


18. Taroudant

This city is one of the top cities to visit in morocco, called ‘Little Marrakesh’, Taroudant is also the safest city to visit in morocco.  so If you want to do hiking or even learning about the culture of Berber, Well this city can be your favourite town to enjoy that.
Taroudant IS A  part of an Anti-Atlas Area next to  Tafraoute, Tiznit, and Agadir. There are not enough things to visit and to do in Taroudant you can visit it only for a day or two, but the best thing about this city is its location in the fertile Souss Valley so that you can discover and explore the beauty of this culture.

visit ouezzane


This city is situated at the edge of the Rif, Ouezzane is the place of pilgrimage for Moroccan Jews, They come here  Two times in the year (April & Sept) to celebrate their  Jewish tradition, this city is also known as cheap places to visit in morocco, not enough tourist come here, simply because it not known like other towns, but believe me as a morocco I love to enjoy visiting this small town.
Ouezzane is next to chefchaouen, so if you want to change your destination or even you are bored you can simply go to chefchaouen.

hotels in larache morocco


This city is located in the north of Morocco next to the Tanger-Tétoun region, it’s one of the attractive summer resort in morocco, with Moroccans and non-Moroccan visitors.  the traffic of tourists in the summer city is huge, simply because of the amazing place that encourages everyone to come to visit it.
with some amazing  Rivers, beautiful beaches and also the Spanish part of this city.larache become one of the top cities to visit in Morocco in 2020. there are so many cheap hotels in Larache morocco. even in the summer where prices are going always hight but it’s almost cheap compared with some other cities.


riad felloussia meknes


If you like to enjoy some traditional and historical experience, you are in the right place, this city is titled of Imperial City and a UNESCO-stamped ancient medina. You’ll find everything that gives you a traditional feeling, you can specialist souks selling all crafts and swathes of textiles.
Meknes is not too expensive, you will find some amazing riads like riad felloussia Meknes or even riad yacout Meknes these ones the best and cheapest places to stay in Meknes, you can spend the entire day visiting the old medina and go to the new medina to enjoy the party and touring.
Meknes is next to Fes so you can go visiting fez after a wonderful 4 days in Meknes or you can visit Voulibus the old Romain city, it’s not far away, just a 30  or 45mn in the car.

tinerhir morocco


This wonderful city is situated next to Dades Gorge and Tinejdad, with such a relaxing atmosphere and great walking trails, places here are lovely and warm because it contains some riads and hotels that open their arms to all travellers in the world. If you’re looking for unique Moroccan cooking, Tinghir can be your best choice to enjoy that.
Keep in mind, if you’re visiting Tinghir, you must take a few long and exhilarating walks. so please be sure to pack your walking boots and some good sunblock.

khenifra morocco


 Khénifra has some of the best  Majestic landscapes, preserved traditions, and an awsome welcoming population, with a lot of potential development of green, rural and adventure. This city is located in the centre of Morocco, next to  Oum Errabiâ and aguelmous situated in the western part of the Middle Atlas.
if you like camping, exploring natural parks or even hiking in nature, this city can be the best place for you you can enjoy its raw natural splendour, Take a stroll through the medina and also enjoy a traditional Amazigh show.

hotels in martil


Martil is located NEXT to  Tetouan, it’s a pleasant small seaside town, in this city, you can enjoy the wonderful view of sunset on the Mediterranean coast and coloured boats. Martil is a summer attraction city, all Moroccan want to visit it every year, it’s too rare to find some tourist in the winter or autumn.
hotels in martil during the summer can be quite expensive depending on the location of this hotel if it far away from martil beach it can be less but the average prices in this city during the summer can be acceptable.

michlifen hotel ifrane


This city is called the Switzerland of Morocco, also known as the second cleanest city in the world, Situated in the Atlas Mountains between Fez and Azrou. Ifrane has lower temperatures in all Moroccan towns.
If you like winter destination to enjoy the beauty of the snow and also play with monkeys, this city is the best choice for you with an amazing atmosphere, peaceful spots, and Skiing at Michlifen Ski Resort, keep in  mind that traffic is huge in the winter, most of Moroccan come to Ifrane to enjoy discovering the white Paysage of the wonderful city .
You can also visit Ifrane in the summer and enjoy the green garden, natural sources, and welcoming people.

best things to do in fez


This city is the oldest of all Morocco and also the most medieval city of the Arab world, Fez is remaining the spiritual heart due to the strong ties of the oldest religious and Islamic school.
The ideal time of the year to visit Fez is March, April, and May because in other months you can find it rainy or even so hot if you come to fez in May and you want to know about the best things to do in fez, well you can simply  enjoy  The  Festival of Sacred Music. Thousands of people in the world come here to participate and feel the beauty of musical acts, lectures, and spirituality.

tours in tangier


This city is situated in the Strait of Gibraltar where Africa meets Europe, here where the Atlantic waters meet the Mediterranean. if you wondering to take tours in tangier you can simply Get Lost In some Kasbahs, Explore The Grande Mosquée Of Tangier or even get a relaxing  Beach Promenade.
Want to do Shopping? Great news! This city has also a variety of markets, you can find everything you need in tangier like colourful herbs and all kinds of rubbish. you can also find wonderful restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops.

places to see in rabat


Rabat is the capital of Morocco, it’s a city rich in history and full of hidden treasures. it has a wonderful culture that you can enjoy visiting it.
Place Hassan and Chellah are some of the places to see in rabat you can also enjoy sunset rabat next to the beach, you can also visit place Kasbah des Oudaias, Rabat can be a quite expensive Then other cities, simply because it’s the administrative capital of morocco.

tetouan hotels


Tetouan is located at the foot of the Rif Mountains and has an architecture just like a  Spanish city, simply because this city featured with a lot of interesting for Spanish designs, This city is an important element of the Mediterranean sea an.
If you are an artist then you must go to Tetouan, because this city still keeping some traditional Moroccan craft ways that have been used for centuries. Tetouan hotels are not very expensive, in the summer prices go up but not very expensive like some towns.

airbnb agadir morocco


Agadir is The pearl of Morocco. Whatever the season, the sun smiles down on this beautiful town with a pleasant climate that the trade winds soften further. Agadir is the perfect place to relax, enjoy delicious food, and explore different activities.
You can visit this city and enjoy it if you like Great Hotels and Riads you can find them there, or you can book Airbnb Agadir morocco price will be cheap. so many things to visit in the wonderful city, you can enjoy Iberostar founty beach Agadir or lti Agadir beach club.

things to see in ouarzazate


Called Hollywood Africa and also the Door of the Desert, Ouarzazate is a stopover for tourists coming from Marrakesh and going to the south of Morocco.a lot of travellers come visit Ouarzazate discover film sets and studios or even meet their favourite stars.
Some of the best things to see in Ouarzazate include; View From Tizi n’Tichka Pass, Complete visit Around Taourirt Kasbah or even Spend the Day at Aït Benhaddou.

things to see in ouarzazate


If you have dreamed of sleeping in the Sahara between sand dunes while looking at the sky then you must go to Merzouga, This city is located in the southern of Morocco not too far from the Algerian border.
Merzouga is a very calm and quiet town, it offers you cool and fun activities like Merzouga camel trek or taking a 4X4 in Merzouga Sahara desert.
The best time of the year to visit Merzouga is between the months of March and May, and also between  September and November. weather in these periods is perfect. keep in mind that temperature in summer reaches over than 40°C and it rarely drops below 26.7°C at night.

essaouira morocco airbnb


This city is it is  very relaxed and  drawn by blue boats and pretty streets, Essaouira is a wonderful destination to visit, it’s not far away from Marrakech and Agadir, because of the strong wind in this city a lot of Travelers  visit only to enjoy kite surfing in fact there is some other tourist come to Essaouira to enjoy the international Festival of Gnawa in June.
Essaouira morocco Airbnb can be the perfect places to stay in Essaouira if you want to travel for cheap, if you would like to stay in a Riad a luxurious Hotel or even Essaouira youth hostel there are many choices for you, the most important thing to know that this city will be your favourite destination after visiting it.

marrakech accommodation


And finally, we are in the top 3 cities to visit in Morocco, I know that you hear about this city or maybe you think that it should be the top cities to visit in Morocco, but don’t worry I will share with a city that is more beautiful than Marrakech.
This wonderful city is called the wonderful Red City, The unique exception in this city is that Marrakech accommodation can offer anything you want from luxury travel to budget backpacker and also for Travel families with children.
Prices depend on what you need , if you are looking for best riads in Marrakech you will find plenty  in Medina with a very cheap prices also if you are looking for luxurious hotels in gueliz or in another side you can find it easily using Skyscanner , booking or you can use AIRBNB to find a great place and discover the culture of Marrakchi people.

chefchaouen luxury hotels


As we Called Marrakesh the Red city, we will also call Chefchaouen the blue city of Morocco, this city is the number 2 in our list of top cities to visit in Morocco.
If you are a photographer or just you like to take pictures then  Chefchaouen is a perfect place for you to take photos of these attractive and wonderful blue view, This city is A small town that you can visit it for Two or Three days maximum but it worth it.
If you are asking about chefchaouen accommodation, you must know that this city is far away from big cities so it can be a little expensive but it depends of your choice, if you look for riad in chefchaouen it can be cheaper, if you want that  chefchaouen hotels with pool or even chefchaouen luxury hotels so automatically prices will become more and more, you can also use AIRBNB it’s always the most useful places to stay in chefchaouen.

al hoceima hotels

1.Al Hoceima

Finally, the time of the number of our top cities to visit in Morocco al hoceïma province, maybe you never hear about it but believe me, this city is the favourite morocco resorts for all local Moroccans.
If you already see the beautiful beaches in the Maldives Maldives islands, you can find the Exact beauty and purity of beaches in Al Hoceima, this why this City is in our Top recommendation morocco destinations.
This city is located in the Rif Mountains and also in the Mediterranean beaches, That makes Al Hoceima most attractive and enticing city, this city is empty in all-season except summer the Hot season of this city, al hoceima hotels are not very expensive like other cities, this is one of the powerful advantages of this morocco resorts , so if you would like to a luxury morocco holidays then this city is the perfect choice for you


Morocco has plenty thing to see and do with many safest city to visit depending on any budget, if you like beaches you will find it , if you like surfing you will find it, if you desert you can find it and also if you like green views, mountains or even cascades you can find here, Morocco can be you dream destination and can be an addiction if you choose the right way to visit it 




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