What is best time of year to travel to morocco ?

Are you wondering to visit Morocco and you are asking yourself about the best time of year to travel to Morocco?  Well , You must know that the best time to go to morocco is depending on the traveler itself , this is because each one preferred a specified time to travel, a lot of travelers love to enjoy the sun in morocco with beautiful beaches  but there is also some who like to come to Morocco in winter to enjoy the beauty of mountains and feeling the coldest wether in morocco 
In the article, We will share with you the best time of year to travel to morocco depending on Moroccan whether and also some tips and advice if you are visiting Morocco for the first time :

Learn about About  morocco weather before traveling to morocco


If you are visiting Morocco for the first time or even if you have already come to morocco before, you must learn about Moroccan whether this could help you to know the best time of year to travel to morocco


  • January


January can be the best time to visit Morocco if you are wondering to celebrate the new year, so if you are a party lover and you love to enjoy drink and music in celebrating the new year well, morocco is your perfect destination, with lot of wonderful places to enjoy the party in Casablanca, Marrakesh, and tangier those can be the  best destination for this time of the year .
you must know that in January the weather is freezing in morocco in some places the temperature can be -10°C, if so and you like to enjoy the coldest places I recommend you to visit Ifrane and Marrakesh and enjoy the white view of the snow.


  • February


In February, the weather starts getting a little bit warmer, but it’s still grey and rainy from time to time, so the best thing I recommend you is to visit Ifrane again, this time to enjoy skiing under sunny blue skies.
Ifrane is a wonderful small town and ski resort that people refer to as “little Switzerland” because it resembles a small country so much also known as the second cleanest city of the world. During February, it is also time for exploring the unique and special Festival of Tafraoute, where you can see almonds in all shapes and forms, so head over there if you want to taste some of the best Moroccan products made with almond.
the temperature in February in morocco is up slightly, averaging between 10°C and 22°C and sometimes more, depending on the area of the city you are in.  in some towns, the weather can be less rainfall in February with up to 3 rainy days.
The big advantage of Visiting Morocco in February is that is the slow season for all tourists.  Prices for flights, hotels, hostels, and riads may be less expensive than during the summer, and you’ll have a better opportunity of booking the accommodations you are dreaming of. 


  • March


March is the perfect time for planning a trip to Morocco. Temperatures grow hotter during the day but generally, it’s tolerable in most places. March is the ultimate month for outdoor activities, like quad biking, hiking, walking this is because the temperatures can rise to 25°C (76°F).


When visiting Morocco for the first time, it is important to know that daytime and nighttime temperatures can vary a great to enjoy the beauty of this country and I think that march is the best time of year to travel to morocco.


  • April


in April temperatures go up, it can be an interesting month for exploring the desert or the mountains or the wonderful blue city of Chefchaouen, if you are looking for some excitement in the desert well in April there is the  International Music Festival and also the grueling Marathon Des Sables.


Temperatures drop quite a bit in April, with an average of 16°C to 20°C or even 24°C in many cities like Fez, Meknes or Marrakech.


  • May


In may you can say hello to your summer clothes, The temperature grows up more with an average of 15C to as 29C or more in some cities like Meknes and Fez. This month can be a great time to visit the souks and medinas.


This month you can enjoy the two popular festivals in Morocco in May – the Festival of Roses in mohammadia city and also the International Festival of World Sacred Music in Fez. 


  • June


Most tourists in the world believe that June is the best time of year to travel to Morocco, in this month you can finally start doing water-related activities.temperatures is quite warm and sunny with an average of  25C to 35C and more in other cities.
In June you can do Lot of activities Like  Waky in Marrakesh, going to the waterparks and also enjoying the international Mawazine Festival in the capital of Morocco Rabat and of course the Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira.


  • July


usually very hot, but also the perfect time for having fun and enjoying in the north African sun with a temperature of more than 45°C (113°F) in some cities.


Tourist traffic in July is huge, Keep this in mind when making travel plans is too expensive than other months so it’s preferred that you book your preferred accommodations in advance to guarantee your trip.


  • August


August is the hottest month of the year in Morocco, where you can spend all the time relaxing in the sun at your preferred beach town.


an average Temperatures of 29°C to over 45°C and even more, depending on the area of the country you are visiting. keep in mind that  August is very hot, so please be sure to keep water with you as much as possible.


  • September


morocco in September is much fewer temperatures than July and August, as Autumn slowly arrives with an average temperature of 33° C, so you can practice many different activities without even worrying about the weather.


There are many festivals in September, such as the Marriage Festival in Imilchil, Tanjazz Festival and Oasis Music Festival in Marrakesh.


  • October


In October morocco starts the shift from the very hot  Summer to Autumn, Temperatures drop into 20°C but don’t worry, there is a lot of activities you can do such as the famous Erfoud Dates Festival, MOGA Electronic Music Festival and Taragalte Festival in the Sahara Desert.


  • November


November is quite cold and it is usually the most rainfall month in Morocco with an average of 8 days of rain with an average the temperatures around 18°C to 23°C degrees.
This month is the cheapest time to travel to Morocco, So you can enjoy Visiting many museums and many palaces such as the Hercules Cave in Tangier and Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.


  • December


Morocco In December, it starts getting cold, with average Temperatures of  14°C degrees. keep in mind that December is one of Morocco’s rainiest months, so be sure to pack clothing that would be comfortable for you in the autumn.


There are many beautiful lands to explore in Morocco especially in December, you can also enjoy a great time to hiking a mountain trail, or also enjoying a day in the Sahara desert. if you like festivals, you can visit the Tan Tan Moussem or the Marrakesh Film Festival.


Best time to book flights to morocco


So if you finally choose the best time of year to travel to morocco depending on the weather in morocco, no it’s time to discuss flights and travel cost’s in morocco.


To get a  cheap flight, you must book it at the right time. all statistics indicate that low prices are available on average at least 53 days ahead of departure. all prediction proves that  November will be the cheapest month to fly to Morocco, in fact, Traveling to Morocco in July can be quite expensive.





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