Things to know before coming to asilah morocco

Are you wondering to enjoy a beautiful weekend with your wife, if you want to come to Morocco and you are looking for a perfectly calm place with beautiful beaches and welcoming people then you must visit asilah morocco, the hidden coastal town of Morocco?


Getting to asilah


There are many ways to come to asilah Morocco, and it’s  very easy, you need to pay attention to the following ways :


  • By car

Reaching Asilah by car is super easy, if you come from Spain then you will take the road from Tangier to asilah just 30mn max, you can also rent a car, prices are not high. 
if you are already in another city in morocco you want to reach asilah without visiting other places then you can take the highway, it’s fast and safe, but I really recommend you take the national toll road, you will enjoy seeing some beautiful unknown places that you’ve never heard before.
Advice from  Moroccan: If you want to rent a car, don’t rent it at the airport, also if you take national troll road, please use GPS it help you and don’t ask anyone. 


  • By train

If you want to visit asilah and you prefer Taking public transportation then Trains is the Excellent Way to Travel, There is only one Train company in Morocco, which is ONCF, So if you take Train from Tangier, you will Arrive very fast, since Asilah is next to tangier, but if you Travel From Different city then it will take some time.


If you are in Kenitra, Rabat or Casablanca then you can take TGV, it’s very fast you will arrive in 1h45mn.
Moroccan train prices vary from which city are you in, but it’s not expensive comparing with other countries, You must know That Trains becomes more organized, so many people were claiming about train services, but now everything is good.
Advice from  Moroccan: If you want to Travel for Cheap on the train then I recommend you book your ticket early, a week will be perfect, there is an offer in Moroccan Train which allow you to travel to any destination paying only 49dh (5$).


  • By bus

There are public buses in all cities, but to be honest with you I don’t recommend you take any of these public buses, Service is not good and also there so many bad people, What I Recommend you to do is to take CTM buses, Their service is excellent, and also Buses are climate  ( it’s not an advertisement for them, but I only share you the truth )
If you decide to take the CTM bus, please Book it early because this company Has limited buses to asilah morocco you can check and book online.


Things to know about asilah morocco


Asilah is a summer Attraction Destination, beaches, and Accommodations becomes more Expensive, So if you want to visit asilah without Enjoying their beautiful beaches, I recommend you visit it on Autumn Because prices became quite cheap.


Asilah hotels


asilah morocco is one the best attraction in morocco especially in the summer, people are coming from different places to enjoy Asilah beaches, so automatically Hotel prices will become much more in summer, But don’t worry, Prices are very reasonable.
There are many Excellent Hotels in Asilah, But I really recommend you to Book on assilah hotel Jeddah, it’s good, and the price is very reasonable.
If you are looking for cheap assilah hotels, you can search on booking and don’t look for hotels next to beaches, try to look for some far hotels, don’t worry about transportation because asilah is a tiny city.


Asilah riads


If you want to stay in some riads and enjoy traditional life with sweet and nice people, then asilah is the perfect place for yours.
There are so many riads, and the price is less than hotels, you can check online for some cheap and good Asilah riads, but I recommend you to  go to riad assilah because it’s cheap, easy to find and also recommended from a lot of travelers in the world


Asilah beaches


There are so many beaches to choose in Asilah; all beaches are clean with a good looking and especially asilah paradise beach, even Morocco is a Muslim country, you can dress a bikini and enjoy the sun and practice Sea Sport at a very cheap coast.


Asilah foods


Morocco is known to have an Excellent Foods like Tajine, Couscous and more, you can find these meals in all cities but in asilah Food is very delicious, you can choose any restaurant and ask them for a Moroccan meal, and you will get it.
When you eat asilah foods, you will remark that Ingredients are quite different from other cities and that’s because the northern Ingredients are different and it’s very delicious.


Final thought


Asilah is one of my favorite destinations to visit in summer, even there are so many people there, but I like this city because it’s calm and people. There are very welcoming and Safe.

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